Focusing on smart identity technology and biometrics

  • Biometric verification and authentication

  • Real-Time AML/KYC Intelligence

  • Instant digital onboarding

  • Trustworthy data sharing

  • Continuous Due Diligence (CDD)

  • Verification and KYC with PSD2 and Open Banking

  • Onboarding of IDs using advanced OCR, Barcode or NFC

  • Real-time mobile identity verification

  • Integration of Blockchain Technology for KYC

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Focusing on digital life science solutions

  • Staying ahead of the curve on the latest trends

  • Digital health is the convergence of medical knowledge with technology

  • Better personalized and precise solutions

  • Digital medical devices

  • Artificial intelligence for healthcare

  • Wearable devices

  • Innovative and remote monitoring

  • Solutions all around e-mobility and carsharing

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With our Service Portfolio

  • Performs insight based on analysis …

  • We offer fully-bottom-up innovation support promoting close-to-the-market innovation activities.

  • Improve internal processes

  • Find new lines of revenue

  • Gain innovative insights

  • Tailor-made to deliver incredible value in a compact and reasonable timeframe

  • Software adaptation including development of proprietary algorithms

  • Digital health focused

  • To pilot digital solutions and scale it internationally and globally

  • Develop solutions which increase access to quality of care, bridge the gap in the health care delivery system and helps to reduce medical costs

  • We offer solutions for your challenging business questions

  • Augmented & Virtual Reality applications in healthcare

  • Cyber Security Consulting

  • New approaches to enhance resilience

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