Diving Into The Deep – Who we are

  • We are a spin-off of a successful company in the digital hospitality business

    The idea behind is to act as a smart solutions accelerator by in-house development of your ideas and expert consultancy support to speed the translation of your ideas into products.

  • We are a consulting network offering a variety of services based on own business background and the knowledge of a consortium of contracted experts specialised but not limited in smart identity technologies, biometrics and medical business.

  • We offer tech entrepreneurs and startup visionairs access to an international network of expertise, hands-on mentors, partners and investors or venture capital. Based on that ALTec might additionally offer access to key industry connections to help them scale.

  • We continuously contract business consultants of ample professional experience to ALTec´s advisory board. Their profound expertise across all sectors of commercial, financial and legal spectrum may add to or serve as basis for your management decisions.

  • Designed to connect, support and grow your early stage idea

  • We would like to expand the definition of innovation, empower innovative talents to become successful entrepreneurs.

  • We offer start-up infrastructure ripe for novel ideas to create successful startup, talent pools.

This approach is based on scientific and business understanding and might assist in the development from pure concepts to complete products close to market.

Diving Into The Deep – Our USP

  • By supporting your ideas and your business we are your fast track support to success in the Start Up enviroment.

  • We support a bouquet of technological rising stars, high potentials in the field of Smart Identity Technologies and Life Sciences.

  • We offer an inspiring, confidential and business friendly atmosphere.

  • We help you to master tomorrow’s business challenges well before others do.

  • We are your business backbone while focusing on the development of your disruptive technologies / ideas.

  • We offer discrete support thus paving you the way to success.

  • We support you to foster your strategy.

“Science knows no country, because knowledge belongs to humanity, and is the torch which illuminates the world. Science is the highest personification of the nation because that nation will remain the first which carries the furthest the works of thought and intelligence.”



With our vast network of scientists and experts we support where additional input is needed


We support you during your planning process and guide the path to a consistent business plan


Based on a consistent business plan we connect you with various sources for financing


From first idea to ramped-up business we can add management resources in a very flexible way


We are a multi-disciplinary consultancy that is committed to develop innovative ideas around smart technologies and life science from concept to success.

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